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Colorado Renaissance FestivalThe Colorado Renaissance Festival takes you on a magical tour through time and legend. As you wander down the village streets and pathways of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, ready thyself to revel with the master revelers, watch artisans create original works of their ancient craft and be taken in by the tantalizing aromas of roast turkey legs, steak on a stake, fresh baked goods and much, much more!

The Renaissance movement was inspired by a secular spirit; less religious than that of the dark ages. People developed a renewed interest in classical civilization. Laymen and princes encouraged and expected people to learn poetry, art, literature, and practice in the ways of chivalry. As these neoteric ideas spread throughout Europe, there was a separation from Medieval thinking and a rebirth of creative thought, a renewal of classical art, and a revival of classical literature and architecture.
The spirit of optimism that this historic movement represents is preserved here at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Visitors, one and all, are invited to share in the gallantry, beauty, romance, and adventure that is the Renaissance!